12/13/16 ftf, wren

It’s holiday week in our office, which is kind of fun.  All week long, a secret Santa game is being played.  Everyone in the office has the name of one person that they secretly surprise each day.  Then at the big party on Friday, everyone finds out the identity of their secret Santa.  It’s fun, and I have some nice treats for my person.

The country is in an uproar as it’s revealed how much Putin was involved in tipping the election to Trump.  Quite surprisingly, some high-ranking members of Trump’s own party have called for an investigation.  I’ve read that there is also evidence showing that the Russians interfered in the Brexit elections and am wondering if that story is getting much attention in the UK.  It feels as if the western world is falling apart.

Oh, well, as the western world falls apart, my goal for today will be to accomplish five things on the work list.



happy dog time!


work day


phone doctor

phone NIH

department financial report

TVC financial report


call Steph

contact DF about next report

work order for storage closets

invoice for advertising ADCS-PAAC

p card documentation

October EOR

November EOR

October Op Indicators

November Op Indicators

Q1 transfer to Nursing

start-up cost SOP

start Suven uTRAC

Draft of Outreach Plan

get PAMS credit card

complete first RATS class

investigate possible classes for PAMS

after work

melty snow hike



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  1. This stuff about the Russians is quite shocking. I’m not sure they influenced Brexit though – our voting system is pen and paper. Is there any chance Trump won’t be inaugurated?

    • A lot of the Russian influencing of the American vote had to do with pre-election propaganda. The hacked e-mails that were released through Wikileaks were provided by Russia, which, of course, Hillary’s campaign has said all along. Somehow the American media and the American people thought that the info in the e-mails was a bigger story than the fact that it was being made available by the Russian government in order to influence the election. Stupid!

      It’s still possible that the electoral college will not vote from him. If they can organize around another candidate, it could keep him out of office. If they don’t vote for him but also don’t organize their voting enough to clearly select another candidate, then the decision goes to the Republican-led House. Right now, the electors are asking to be briefed on what the CIA knows about Russia’s interference, and there’s a movement afoot to delay the vote. It’s all very much up in the air at the moment.

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