calypte 7th December

Feeling a bit miserable still stuck at home with the snuffles. I’m not great at being ill in general, but I’m wondering if it’s got extra connotations after this year. Finally managed to watch a program about the Maggie’s Centres that I’ve been unable to watch since it was on a few weeks ago, but think the good sob it induced was probably good for me! I feel so very lucky that there is such a place at my hospital, and for all that it’s helped me with this year and still going. We’re getting to that end of year review type period, aren’t we, and for all that cancer is 100% awful, I’m lucky to be able to see some good things to have come out of this very difficult time.

Anyway. Trying to keep my spirits up – had a dig in my candle box (yup, I have one of those!) and found all my Christmas-scented things that I generally forget I have until it’s too late, so looking forward to enjoying some gingerbread and spice apple and similar scents when my nose is a little less blocked 🙂

Also telling myself that I’ll be fine for the Christmas party on Friday! o_O I wasn’t planning on being too wild anyway, and I don’t want to miss it for a silly cold! Hopefully a couple more good nights’ sleep will put me right. I think it was last year that I had the burst eardrum over the party, so at least this can’t be quite that bad o_O Urgh! I am, alas, planning on skipping the JL evening event tomorrow, which is a bit of a shame – and brings me back to the being a bit poorly and feeling like I’m ‘missing out’ on life and stuff I want to do… yeah. It’s just a cold, woman!!

On the bright side, I’m down to just a week and a half (oops!) before my earlier-than-usual Christmas holidays. Looking forward to a quiet week for some clearing the decks and to do the present wrapping, etc, instead of the usual mad panic on Christmas eve! 🙂


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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Colds are miserable 😦

  2. I understand about feeling left out of the fun when you’re laid up sick, but do take care of yourself. When you have a cold, lots of rest and TLC are definitely in order!

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