SL’s FTF, Mon 5th Dec

A nice, peaceful weekend, which was what I wanted. Got most of my Christmas shopping done and started reading “Serpents in Eden” which is an anthology of short crime stories set in rural England, in search of inspiration for my plot. There was one particularly good story involving the place name Silcote Episcopi. I definitely want to get silly British place names into my novel! Helen Fielding has already stolen Husbands Bosworth and a play I saw a couple of years ago used Burton Latimer, both villages in my area, but as far as I know nobody has used Yardley Gobion, Chapel Brampton (not to be confused with Church Brampton) or Stony Stratford 🙂

I saw the election result in Italy and am wondering what T makes of it. What is it with these politicians calling completely unnecessary referenda?

Back to the day job today then… my two key season ticket loan people are off today, what was I thinking (one of them has an exam so didn’t have much choice about it) so will have to attempt to fend off the deluge by myself.

  • STLs
  • emails
  • does anything from last week need following up?
  • finish off minutes set 1
  • hopefully make a start on minutes set 2
  • quick trip to Waterstones
  • qi gong

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  1. I have also been wondering what T makes of the referendum results and Renzi’s referendum. All of this upheaval in Western governments is very unsettling. It didn’t seem to me as if things were so terrible as to require such drastic actions. I was happy, anyway, to see that Austria didn’t put a fascist into power.

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