calypte 5th December

It’s a terrible thing that time to write up a FTF list only happens when I’m on holiday or off ill! I’m feeling a little like I’m playing hooky today, as I suspect I might have dragged my current snuffles into the office previously, but it seemed more sensible and nicer to the rest of the office to just phone in. Focus today, then, is lots of rest and relaxation and kick this to the kerb – I need to be healthy for Friday’s xmas party! 😉

Of course, I have been rushing about a lot of late, so perhaps not too surprising I’ve caught a cold. Still, some really fun stuff been happening – the Debenhams event last week was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to be well enough for the JL one this Thursday. And had a lovely weekend, with a tai chi workshop (lots of breathing!) and then the TGIO party to celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo. I love these people – all the chat about writing and books and knitting (!) 🙂 Came away with a few more fun things planned for the next while, too – all the more to get healthy for!

Still some stuff needing done – and if not today, then soon!


  • order rpt prescription
  • bath
  • read lots
  • watch lots


  • order contact lenses – almost run out! Bit of a faff re the prescription, though, so I’m a little in doubt about the next step
  • make soup – spicy parsnip again 🙂
  • make risotto – trying the baked again, with a better idea of timings and hopefully less soggy bottoms 😉
  • portion/freeze cheese (yay, return of the cheese task! LOL!)
  • detroll
  • practice run of some dramatic eye make up for the party?
  • continue installing software on new new laptop
  • very behind on reviews
  • xmas cards – eeeek!

Comments on: "calypte 5th December" (3)

  1. Wow! you wearing “dramatic eye makeup”?!?! It’s funny the mental pictures we may have of people we have never met IRL. My mental pic for some reason didn’t include dramatic eye makeup LOL. So glad to be surprised but unexpected details 😉 Hope you recover soon!

  2. Glad things are going well, except for the cold, hope you can shake that off soon. Soggy bottom on your risotto? What would Mary Berry say 😉

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