T’s 30th Nov.

Infernal day awaits me. But at least I started it well, by getting up unseemly early this morning and working on my draft for the talk of next week for one hour. I completed the whole outline, so I am very happy. Ok, now to the infernal part.

  • 9:30 teaching 1 (invent something or prepare something to say, haven’t really thought about this, eh!)
  • 10:20 from lecture straight to Graduation committee, till 12:20
  • (lunch break? or rather, prepare for teaching 2, aehm!) ops, this is when I also have to have the “difficult talk” with the colleague who tried to get me involved in something I’m not at all willing to do, my aim is to try to extricate myself nicely and gently (and failing that, extricate myself no matter how, I don’t have to lose sight of what is my aim, and don’t want to end up being pushed into agreeing with something only because I start with the notion that I want to be nice and don’t want to  upset him. So I’ll keep smiling, keep my voice down, my eyes tamed, I will do my best not to show in any way how much I despise him, but I’ll just keep repeating that, no, I just won’t do it. Uhm, this is going to be tricky. Thinking Bartleby for inspiration)!
  • gluten free shopping
  • 2:30 pm teaching 2
  • 3:15 – 5 pm: office hours (I cross muy fingers students won’t need me today, that way I would be able to:
    • order books for library,
    • email MLT (talk to FB first),
    • file my expenses,
    • digit draft,
    • prep. lessons for tomorrow)
  • back home, quick session of tidying up
  • 6:30: wait for the visit of the tinsmith (so even today I won’t b getting to the gym, it’s like 2 months since I last went, sigh! Ok, I can’t blame the tinsmith for this)
  • crumble on the sofa with a book? Or rather, cook something good? what makes me feel better at that point

Comments on: "T’s 30th Nov." (5)

  1. Good luck with your difficult lunchtime conversation. I have to ask… what’s a tinsmith?

    • The difficult conversation went well enough.
      Uhm.. I wondered whether “tinsmith” was the right word actually, I got “tinsmith” as a translation checking a lexicon, but would have used “plumber” instead, I wonder what’s right. Maybe you’ll be able to tell me. How do you call the man who fixes the drainpipes and gutters in a building? We call it “lattoniere” (latta = “tin” although drainpipes are not made from tin anymore and I assume that’s why it was translated “tinsmith”, although it might not be how it is used in English)

      • Ah! I’m not sure we really have a word for that. “Bloke who fixes the drains” would probably be it 🙂 Plumbers are more for internal pipes, bathrooms, sinks etc.

  2. You’ve got the right attitude going in to your difficult conversation. Stay resolute!

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