11/30/16 ftf, wren

Yawn!  Am I ever sleepy!  Last night’s tedious “celebration” has kept me from my sleep.  The event was about as anticipated, with the boss holding the floor for most of the event.  That would not have been so bad if he was saying something interesting, but instead he provided a blow-by-blow description of the grant submission process, which is not exactly scintillating material.  It was a dinner meeting, and the food choices were downright bizarre.  Trying to think of what the assistant was thinking when she came up with the menu, I can only surmise that she selected the cheapest options.  I did get to meet a couple of nice people, although there wasn’t much opportunity for us to have actual conversations.

On a much happier note, we received a big check from our benefactor yesterday.  This is a tremendous relief to me and will keep our operations going for another year.  So I am happy about that.

I’m hoping for a quiet day at work so that I can just work on things without interruption.  We’ll see how that goes.



happy dog time!

strength train

work day


payroll 1

payroll 2

balance all PAMS accounts

meet w/Vicky

phone Peter


order ipads

finish AbbVie budget analysis

call Steph

contact DF about next report

order printer

order PAMS office supplies

p card documentation

October EOR

start-up cost SOP

start Suven uTRAC

LPC for Dec. patient 12/15)

Draft of Outreach Plan

finalize Brady report (12/5)

finalize Morris report

complete first RATS class

investigate possible classes for PAMS

after work

allergy doctor

early sleep


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  1. At least your “celebration” is over now, paws crossed you have a nice interruption-free day today!

    • Thank you! Actually, I had an impromptu hour-long meeting with the boss, during which time I had to pee! Fortunately, the rest of the week will be bossless.

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