calypte 29th November

Hello, I “aten’t dead”, as they say on Discworld 🙂 Just very busy – but in a good way. Yesterday was tai chi, which I’m getting back into after wondering a little if I’d continue – I’m going to experiment with spending the gap between that and work (~2 hours, including travelling) in a coffee shop reading/writing, rather than trying to get home and head out again – think this’ll make for a much more chillaxed experience 🙂 Last night I met sm from work and had some food and wander ’round the xmas market and ‘Street of Light’, and it was lovely.

Tonight is yoga – last of the three sessions, so I’m hoping it’s on again next year as I’ve been loving it! I’m skipping my last ‘hosting’ of a Nano write in for it, so tomorrow I’ll be helping out at the last day event after work. Not sure how that’ll go, as other ML is finished and I’m not even (really) trying – so neither of us will have the pressure or inclination to sit there late, esp. with work tomorrow! I’ve really enjoyed not killing myself over hitting 50K this year, and am facing December with a will to carry on the few-hundred-a-night rather than the usual burnt out feeling. Which makes next year a bit ‘hmm’, but that’s 11 months to think about! 🙂

Thursday I’ve got a ‘VIP’ event aka drinks and nibbles in a shop, but should be fun, and Friday is art class and the usual cinema group after a couple of weeks missed. Then Saturday I’ve got a tai chi workshop (more holistic view, not just the forms as per Mondays) before meeting my dad and getting my new (yay!) fireplace installed. And Sunday is the nano TGIO party/lunch – phew!! Can I have a holiday?! 😉

Talking of new things, managed to snag a bargain on a new laptop yesterday (from a different manufacturer!!), and today the process of getting my money back on the previous, broken one kicked up a gear – they are NOT making it easy, but almost there, fingers crossed! Also got a cheque for the roof, so just one payment left – soooo glad this is almost over!! Feels nice to finally have things moving in good directions!

Still no news on medical stuff, but meh – plenty to do otherwise, and I’ve stopped stressing so much about it. For now, at least!

Feels good to be busy with so many good things, and to be in a good mood in general, however it’ll be equally nice to *not* be as busy next week, and start to think about catching up on some of the non-social stuff, like xmas cards. Because yes, I am already late on that, but already starting to enjoy the festive period despite it still being November – sorry, guys 😉


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  1. You do seem to be doing a lot of fun stuff lately. Good for you! What type of yoga are you doing? I’ve been doing hatha yoga at home every morning for the past six weeks or so. It’s made a big difference in how my body feels.

    • It’s Restorative yoga – not very well known, uses a lot of props (towels, cushions, etc) to get you into a gentle stretch. I loved the instructor’s comment: “When did yoga become a competitive activity?” about most other forms I’ve tried.

  2. Well, so much energy comes out of your post! I feel tired and overwhelmed only just by reading such a socially busy bee list, LOL! So glad that you can keep so active!

    • Heh, yeah – the trick is for *me* not to feel overwhelmed, but there’s one or even two things skippable and possibly dropping off the list…! I actually love the ‘playing hooky’ feeling you can get from skipping out on a plan, makes for a nice, relaxing, ‘stolen’ evening 🙂

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