T’s 28th Nov

Location: at my parents, will be here today and tomorrow and back to worktown in time for the Wednesday course at 9:30.

Still a very hectic period at work. I also launched the idea to invite a couple of friends over for New Year’s Eve at my husband’s flat. Will have to do my best and keep things in perspective (the perspective being that it’s important to have fun and enjoy the company of friends and I shouldn’t even aim to be the perfect goddess of the house).

Lots to do today  (and it helps me when I can work far from my office, my uni and my worktown, it provides the right amount of detachment from all the trivial things that turn up there and blur my vision of what actually matters):

  • work on the draft of my talk for the symposium 5-7 Dec.
  • draw an overall plan of all that’s going on now, for every project pencil in “what’s next”, so I can have a complete view of what needs doing & when
  • chat with mum and figure out what’s on her mind
  • buy train ticket + haberdashery
  • email N.
  • plan next week
  • evening: at the cinema with M & I





Comments on: "T’s 28th Nov" (1)

  1. I like your “what’s next” planning technique. I might see if my boss would be amenable to doing that with his many projects.

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