11/28/16 ftf, wren

I’m always surprised at how quickly my body and psyche adapt to a new lifestyle.  After just four days, I’ve become very comfortable with being a non-commuting homebody.  Now it’s time to readjust to being a commuting manager.  This morning’s drive is going to be a snowy one, too – gah! – and the boss will be back.  Well, it was a nice long weekend with lots of hiking, cold and snow.  We also purchased a new mattress that will arrive two days before Christmas.  This will be the first nice mattress J and I have ever had, and I’m kind of excited for it’s arrival – but not so excited for the arrival of the bill!

Today’s meta goals are to continue focusing on breathing and relaxation throughout the day in order to maintain equanimity and to stay on track with healthful eating and exercise choices.



happy dog time!


work day


revise annual report

review Brady report


finish AbbVie budget analysis

order ipads

order printer

order PAMS office supplies

p card documentation

October EOR

start-up cost SOP

start Suven uTRAC

LPC for Dec. patient 12/15)

finalize Brady report (12/5)

finalize Morris report

complete first RATS class

investigate possible classes for PAMS

after work


early sleep


Comments on: "11/28/16 ftf, wren" (2)

  1. So you went for the new mattress after all! Enjoy it!

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