It’s Thanksgiving Day in the USA, the start of four days off.  Yesterday was very pleasant at work.  The building seemed practically vacant, because so many took the day off.  Those who did work were all dressed very casually, and it was a low-key, easy-going day.  It was great fun telling the staff who did show up that they could leave at noon, and it was great fun to leave at noon.  It gave me time to take the dogs on a long hike and give the house a good tidying.

J and I will have a quiet day.  We’ll have a simple turkey dinner for two while snuggling on the sofa and watching football.  No doubt there will be phone calls from friends and family.  I like Thanksgiving because it incites thoughts of gratitude.  I’ve been writing down three things that I’m grateful for each day, and it’s helping me to feel better about things.

As of last night, Hillary Clinton has won the popular vote by over 2 million.  The electoral college system in the US is a travesty. Meanwhile, Trump continues with his ridiculous and outrageous choices, and it was reported that the Federal Election Commission has found over 1000 instances of campaign finance law violations by his campaign.  The calls for vote audits are escalating, and in a surprise move, Jill Stein announced that she will be calling for recounts in three key states.  In 12 hours, she raised over $2.5 million to support this effort.  I hold onto hope that we will be saved from having this douche bag take office. 


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, wren – enjoy your holiday 🙂

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