T’s23rd Nov

I’ve been totally engulfed, LOL. Also, I switched to a new desktop computer in my husband flat, and spent the weekend, reinstalling programs and using it so that it would memorize all my passwords. The time at work is as hectic as it always gets in this period of the year. I am positive that I’m going to get out of this period all in one piece and with my mind still fairly intact, but the FTF process missed its step in the last week or so.

On a different level, it is frightfully warm here. I can’t believe it, yesterday in the afternoon it was 17 °C, it felt nice and warm and all wrong! In the nights it goes down to 12°C. I’m scared, have been discussing climate change ethics for some years now in my courses and the realization that the human race is unable to accept responsibility and devise a course towards a solution makes me angry. And sad.


plan for what’s left of the day.

  • lecture1
  • lecture2
  • work emails
  • phonecalls
  • office hours
  • draft talk
  • presentation of book @dept
  • presentation of book @ bookshop
  • Clean&Order in the flat
  • gym
  • skype mum

Comments on: "T’s23rd Nov" (2)

  1. Could you share some of that temperature? We’d happily take, say, 7 degrees of that for you for Scotland 😉

  2. We’ve had unusually warm temperatures here, too. I have mixed feelings. Selfishly, I enjoy the warmer weather, while also knowing that it is not a good sign of health for the planet. There are just too many people.

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