T’s 10th Nov.

I really wished people in the US would have never discovered how difficult it is to live in a  country where you wake up and first thing in the mornings think: OMG, I have no actual idea what the other half of the country wants and feel even slightly guilty because I think they are all damn idiots. And if you ever step abroad, people are going to tease you because of your president. And to no avail one answers: he is not my president, I never voted for him! As Snowleopard, I hope he can be kept under check, so that he can do the least damage possible. And that he might turn out to be better than anybody could reasonably expect, yes I still hope for that.

  • 8:30-10:30 lecture
  • 14:30-16:30 lecture
  • see separate list of chores
  • pLogos
  • map out all the writing and speaking committments I’ve foolishly agreed to, make a plan
  • evening: skype Norman
  • early night

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