calypte 31st October

Hell-ooo-oooo! 😉

Finally taking that day off I was talking about, and super glad it’s today as I may have overdone it a bit yesterday hosting the Edinburgh Nanowrimo kick off party! We had about twice as many as expected, which was lovely, but made for much dashing about. A few of the regulars who know me/my year, commented that I looked ‘fair done in’ by the end, and were congratulating me on surviving. Oops!

Today to rest, then tomorrow I’ve committed to hosting the first write-in of the season. I already know I won’t be lugging my laptop around to these, so I’ll have pen and notepad and very low expectations! And be able to focus a bit more on the group rather than my personal goals, I suppose. Not entirely sure what I’m aiming for this November – 50K seems too crazy, but do I pick a lower number for myself? I kind of want to do bits of multiple projects and non-fiction wordage, but that’s maybe making life even more difficult for myself! Ah, we shall just have to see, right?!

On to that ‘restful’ (!) list:


  • meditation/morning pages/stretches
  • order new phone case
  • laundry
  • make soup
  • make pasta bake for tomorrow’s lunch
  • make stir fry
  • email K/S about Nano broadcast email tomorrow (‘houses’, schedule, welcome, etc)
  • text S about next weekend – haven’t seen in her a year or more (eep!) but next few weekends just aren’t do-able
  • tai chi – nope. Too broken! o_O
  • early night!!

would like to:

  • finish (re)reading Do Androids…
  • review Dr Strange
  • finish/schedule Harry August review
  • set up November BuJo
  • set up Nano ‘habits’ on Habitica
  • do one last Inktober – sad not to have really participated much this year, but last day?
  • a little bit of coding – want to get this back into daily practice, yes even in Nanovember!
  • bath

Comments on: "calypte 31st October" (3)

  1. It sounds as if November will be very exciting for you with Nano. Best of luck to you in finding and reaching your goals!

  2. Hope Nano goes well for you, whatever you decide to do with it! It’s lovely that you have a group to do it with.

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