SL’s FTF, Mon 24th Oct

Had a good weekend – lots of running around on Saturday shopping etc, then had G and D round for lunch yesterday which went well.

Woke up early this morning and have been for a walk – it felt like the middle of the night at 6.45! The last day of the pedometer challenge is tomorrow and I’ve done enough this week to only need to do 7200 steps tomorrow so may get away without doing a walk, and then hibernation beckons šŸ™‚

Hoping for a less chaotic week this week, but I may be hoping in vain. The newbie starts today, our new comms person, so she will need quite a lot of induction this week, and various other things didn’t quite get finished last week. Need to breathe and stay calm. No qi gong this evening as it’s half term, which is a shame as I could use some of that at the moment.

  • walk
  • prep delicious packed lunch
  • STLs
  • show newbie around
  • where are we from last week? pension stuff, bank rec
  • hopefully find some time to get on with my accounts
  • food shopping
  • continue watching Transparent, which I’m enjoying
  • continue reading the Silkworm, the second Robert Galbraith (i.e. JK Rowling) – am so glad I’ve finished that Roald Dahl book at last!

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