calypte 24th October

Mondays. Urgh. Well, at least I’m getting an opportunity to get myself organised! Busy week ahead, and only set to get busier with the looming start of Nano!

  • Monday: collect Boots order / tai chi
  • Tuesday: blood test / collect Boots order (and pasta!) / yoga straight after work
  • Thursday: dentist /
  • Friday: art/pizza/Sbux re write in/collect M&S order/cinema 🙂
  • Sunday: Nano Kick Off Party!

Swithering about booking a random day off on Wednesday, since (a) I have a ton of leave to take, and (b) I’ll be out of the house most of today and tomorrow – even if it is for relaxing things, still eep! Really, though, just finding the full week quite a lot especially as the expectations shift – already had a little bit of an argument with my boss first thing this morning, which isn’t great. Sigh.

REALLY hoping I’m not coming down with yet another cold! Everywhere I go of late seems to be filled with people sniffing and hacking their lungs up, so I’m feeling quite besieged. Maybe a day off would help stop that, too!

Not going to get too much done before then, but other stuff on the to-do-soon list:

  • MONDAY – pack yoga stuff for tomorrow
  • freeze/portion chilli
  • check with Sbux about using it as Nano venue
  • set up scanner, and scan the drawing pages for Friday
  • set up a BuJo November page

Further out:

  • getting cold – really must order that fireplace already!
  • is it too early to order xmas pressies sm has mentioned fancying?
  • still oodles of banking stuff to sort
  • fingers crossed, get the rest of the roof money this week?!
  • finish KonMari’ing t-shirts

Comments on: "calypte 24th October" (3)

  1. Really, doesn’t a random day off mid-week help everything?

  2. What Wren said. Let your boss quarrell by himself on Wednesday 😉

  3. I vote for taking Wed off too! Especially if it helps you avoid getting a cold.

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