10/24/16 ftf, wren

Greetings from fabulous Las Vegas!  I’m writing from a comfortable and quiet hotel room that features enough floor space for me to keep up with my yoga practice.  The difference in my back and other muscles after one night of sleeping on the hotel mattress is shocking.  At home, I always awaken stiff and sore and kind of stagger out of bed.  Not so in the hotel.  Clearly, we need to bite the bullet and get a new mattress.  Time for some research…

It was a nice weekend.  I had a good talk with my mom Friday night.  She’s completed her chemo treatments and the doctor is pleased with the results.  The only cancer-related care for her at the moment is a re-check in three months.  So that’s great news, obviously.  I enjoyed a nice, long Saturday hike with the dogs and devoted the rest of the day to finishing up my anniversary gift for J, cleaning the house, yoga, reading and packing my bags.  Yesterday we drove to LV, stopping mid way to do a favorite hike.  On that hike, we crossed paths with a family who heard me call my dog Elbee and commented on it.  It turned out that the mom also goes by LB and used that name for her design company, so that was kind of neat, as I’ve never encountered another Elbee.  The drive took most of the day, and we started listening to Stephen King’s Under the Dome on audiobook.  It’s very good for travel entertainment.  Oh, and yesterday was also our wedding anniversary.  🙂

Today I will attend a few conference classes and also spend time sightseeing and relaxing with J and the girls.  My goals are to keep up with yoga and walking, make healthy food choices, learn a few things and relax.


Comments on: "10/24/16 ftf, wren" (4)

  1. Happy belated anniversary! 🙂 Maybe a new mattress is the gift you get for yourselves? Love your goals list 🙂

  2. Lovely to read your post today! A new mattress can make all the difference, you might even enquire what brand for mattresses they choose in your hotel. Love your clearsighted goals, and the absence of a long list 😉

  3. Congrats on your wedding anniversary, and that’s great news about your mom!

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