T’s 22nd Oct.

I’m going to celebrate today bright weather and the full use of my synapses with a healthy dose of good work on the draft for ESMP talk next week.

ETA: although I feel my head is clear now, I have this funny way to check how prompt and focused and able my mind is: normally it takes me 10 minutes to solve an advanced sudoku on the morning paper. This morning I needed 16′, so, I’m not yet quite back at full clarity level, but at least I can use my head. In the last days, when I tried the sudoku trick, I had to gave it up, as I wasn’t able to do it at all, it took me like 5 minutes of staring at the grid to even place the first number. Focusing was impossible. I know it’s not scientific, and yet I like to have a playful way to measure the differences in my ability to focus from one day to the other ;-).

I’ll jot down the small chores and errands later, after I’ve dealt with the main priority of the day.


Comments on: "T’s 22nd Oct." (1)

  1. Sudoku gauge – love it! šŸ™‚ And sounds like a really great way to do the list: priority 1 first, before even thinking about the rest.

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