10/21/16 ftf, wren

Here it is, the last day of work before I’m off to a professional conference for week.  The boss is back in town, but he’s not scheduled to be in to work.  I do hope he stays away.  I’ve just finally gotten caught up enough with other things that I can tackle the invoicing (which I tried to start back in July!), and it would be very good to have that completed by the end of today. 

We are living in interesting times.  It feels to me as if all of the recent election activity has unleashed a lot of long pent-up frustration among American women, and suddenly donald is a laughing stock because of his latest stupidly sexist remarks.  It feels like a revolt that is being led with laughter, which is kind of a cool thing. 



happy dog time!



work day


one last interview

invoice AZ

out of office e-mail notice

organize MAGI handouts

invoice  biogen

invoice MK

out of office voice mail message

invoice Lilly


finalize Morris report

complete first RATS class

start Suven uTRAC

investigate possible classes for PAMS

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter

close out 098570

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work


phone mom


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  1. Hope your conference is interesting (in a good way!)

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