calypte 19th October

Never-ending list of chores and tasks at the moment, so wondering if it’s time to start using a FTF list again! The trick will be not to list *everything* – just what absolutely needs done!


  • book dentist check up
  • make appt for blood test
  • renew library books
  • order jumper from M&S – last day of voucher
  • order mascara while on offer?
  • check parsnips
  • mp/sl – include superfood salad experiment!
  • GBBO!


  • check NW
  • find VM login details!
    • check VM savings
    • VM reg saver – check rates
  • make chilli
  • DG book -> sm?
  • examine alarm functionality on ipod dock
  • many reviews!
  • change to winter duvet
  • collect Beatles tickets (Friday)

Comments on: "calypte 19th October" (5)

  1. I’m interested in the last item, “collect Beatles tickets.” Whatever are you going to do with them?!

    • Ah! It’s for an ‘event cinema’ showing of Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years. SM was a huge fan back in the day, so taking her to see it 🙂

  2. In instances such as these, with a never ending list of chores and tasks, I found it helped me to group the similar items together based on where you do them (all phonecalls, all emails, all errands etc.) and then to consider them as 1 point in the 6-extreme priority daily list that Wren recommended some time ago. And yes, by all means, consider being able to go through the day as a goal in itself. There are days when that’s tough on its own! Take care!

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