T’s 19th Oct.

Trying to move the planning phase to the evening. When my mood is actively fighting between “bleak” and “darkest”. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of making plans when I get so little done and have to copy most of my still intact list for the following day. Uhm… and it’s time to go to bed if I want an early night.

  • ESMP talk draft: make any progress however small
  • pL: BU Libr. + draft
  • prep. lesson MPhil: RH, Introd.
  • prep. lesson FM: feedback + summing up + guidelines
  • work emails (see separate list)
  • book train tickets for conference
  • GF grocery shopping
  • bookshop check book for mum
  • prepare a pick-me-up soup (celery + curry, source of inspiration: mulligatawny)
  • take all the myriads of tablets and healthy things supposedly working to counteract my head cold that I picked up at our equivalent of Holland and Barrett
  • early night: try my best to sleep for 8 hours

Comments on: "T’s 19th Oct." (3)

  1. I always find my mood takes a similar downturn when I’m feeling ill and getting nothing done. Hang in there – even getting through the day should be part of the list if you’re feeling rubbish, and getting anything else done is a bonus! Take care of yourself first xx

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