T’s 18th Oct.

I warn you all, I am about to dissolve in a big puff of sneezing, and nothing will be left of me, amen. Apart from this, and from the fact that the weather is miserable, I am in excellent mood, as always in the mornings.

Writing this on my commute, I love to work on the train, it’s a place like the library, full of people, but where I can focus so easily, because nobody interferes, or looks for me and talks to me. train time = bliss

Today it’s going to be a busy day, graduation committee and all that. Planning to be kind to myself and have a very early night.

  • ESMP talk draft: make any progress however small
  • pL: idem
  • N. thesis: draft 3 questions
  • prep. lesson for tomorrowMPhil: RH, Introd.
  • prep. lesson for tomorrow FM: feedback + summing up + guidelines
  • work emails (see separate list)
  • errands
  • bookshop check book for mum
  • skype Norman
  • prepare a pick-me-up soup (celery + curry, source of inspiration: mulligatawny)
  • early night

Comments on: "T’s 18th Oct." (6)

  1. Hope that cold goes away soon – a big puff of sneezing doesn’t sound very good!

    • That’s very kind of you, but it feels like this isn’t even properly started, doing my best to nip it in the bud.

  2. That’s an adorable mental image for a not-so-great situation! Feel better soon – and yes, be very kind to yourself 🙂

    • I know it’s just a stupid head cold, but I resent not having the full command of my mental powers…ridiculous, I know!

  3. J makes an excellent mulligatawny. I wish we had a way of getting some to you to help chase the sneezles away.

    • oh, the excellent mulligatawny by J, I can already smell it!!! (any chance he wants to share a recipe? mulligatawny is my favourite soup, and my comfort food par excellence.

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