T’s 17th Oct.

The weekend was gorgeous, I stayed outside, took beautiful snaps, and the weather seemed amazing, so warm and a  bright sun… but today I feel like I might have got a cold, umph: all I can do is trying to remember that October sun and warmth are untrustworthy. But I always fall for them. Trying to get out of this cold without letting it get serious.

Still, a lot to do today, and working from hometown.

  • read students’ thesis (1 and 2)
  • ESMP talk: draft
  • PaperLogos: draft
  • work emails: deal with it! (Michael, Mara)
  • Scientiae Pd 2017: think about topic for abstract/talk
  • students’ evaluation feedback
  • find a nice recipe for celery this evening
  • plan for leaving tomorrow (ticket, what to pack, etc.)
  • … what else? I’m sure I lost sight of something important

Comments on: "T’s 17th Oct." (1)

  1. Oh, I hope the cold is mild and fleeting!

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