10/14/16 ftf, wren

It really has been a long week, and I’m glad to be near the end.  In just the few days since I’ve started doing yoga in the morning, my body is feeling less achy and sore, so I’m going to keep that up.  Now I need to figure out a way to still fit in some strength training during the week.

My reluctant interview went about as planned.  I did my best to keep an open mind and still can’t see why anyone thinks this guy has anything to offer us.  He also continually called me by the completely wrong name throughout the interview, and given that his job would involve quite a lot of sales, that didn’t speak well for his skills in that area.

The boss will be around today and will no doubt be in a frenzy, as this is his last day before leaving for a week.  My aim will be to maintain equilibrium and remember that I can catch up on everything next week!



happy dog time!


work day


schedule vet appointment



p.m. meeting


send Yao DF sample graph


ePARs (due 11/15)

earnings to income report

NA journal entry

LPC positive pay, documentation & deliver x 2

pcard receipts

finalize Morris report

invoice AZ

invoice  biogen

invoice MK

invoice Lilly

complete first RATS class

start Suven uTRAC

investigate possible classes for PAMS

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter

close out 098570

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work



phone mom


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