T’s 13th Oct.

Feeling a bit like the White Rabbit in the “I’m late!” scene. Midday already, gosh. yesterday was such an amazing perfect day at the spa, with the shining sun and the crisp air, and the sauna… ok, back to reality now. The early morning course throws my balance off: before I’m able to plug into my mind it’s noon already.

Small plan for the rest of the day:

  1. read student’s thesis
  2. prep. lesson (read chapter)
  3. errands (pick up shoes from the cobbler, phone for the work to be done in the terrace, kitchen, cooking&grocery shopping, etc.)
  4. work emails
  5. prep. / read for tomorrow meeting
  6. 6:30 Body balance class

all these leave out the most important thing that should be on my list really:

Priority A1: paperLogos: print out, re-read, revise outline and draftù

Priority A2: ESMP talk: outline +  draft


So I guess I’ll work on the list from the bottom up!


Comments on: "T’s 13th Oct." (1)

  1. I’m glad to hear that you had such a good day at the spa!

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