Because Z has been off sick, we haven’t been able to go to see the Girl on the Train at the cinema, which we were planning to, so last night I watched Edge of Tomorrow on Amazon instead, which turned out to be surprisingly good! Hopefully we’ll get to the the other one next week. I’m not at all sure about the fact they’ve relocated the action to the US, when the references to Euston in the book made me feel very at home. Have been resisting making remarks to my SIL about buying pre-mixed cans of G&T in M&S at the station, but the London Midland train service (which she and my brother get every day) would be enough to make anyone turn to drink!

Anyway, moving on…

  • STLs
  • hopefully Z will be back?
  • comments on minutes
  • talk to P
  • check Gift Aid
  • bank rec for club
  • deal with auto-enrolment stuff
  • food shopping
  • attempt to do some exercise, not entirely sure what…
  • continue reading Tales of the Unexpected, book group book – although I can’t help thinking of my friend’s husband who always referred to the TV show as Tales of the Bleeding Obvious 🙂

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 12th October" (2)

  1. “Tales of the Bleeding Obvious” – that’s funny! The advertisements for Girl on a Train make it look very exciting and suspenseful.

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