T’s 11th Oct.

A late start in the day. Yesterday night my husband and I started watching Westworld. It’s oddly fascinating. I know I tend to go a bit off-track when I try to work from hometown, and especially so when my husband takes some days off. Ok, all reasonable, but this is what I want to get done today:

  1. Reread notes and outline for PaperLogos, so not to lose touch with it
  2. start drafting ESMP talk
  3. work emails
  4. stay at home for the carrier who is to bring the dehumidifier
  5. prepare risotto with fish for lunch
  6. prepare to leave tomorrow (planning, packing etc.) to spend a day at the spa with my husband

Comments on: "T’s 11th Oct." (5)

  1. Oooh! A humidifier and a spa day! Those both sound very nice. I’ve never had a spa day. I once proposed that my mom and I go to one, as there are many extremely nice spas where she lives, but she just scoffed. What are you going to do there?

    • Well, it’s a dehumidifier, for the flat in worktown, for the bedroom and the outside wall that had gotten mould on it. As for the spa, my husband loves it, and I like it too. This is where we go http://www.hotelpetrarca.it/ it’s just 10′ driving from worktown, and the Romans used to have their spas here. What we do… nothing, basically it’s just relaxing, there’s a Swedish sauna (and I love it), a Turkish bath (not so much), lots of thermal pools, lots of hydromassage (?) places inside the pools. It’s very lazy fun. You can get treatments and massages. I tend to get a bit restless. Sometimes the high temperature makes my blood pressure drop and I don’t feel too well. The season when I love it more it’s winter, when outside is lightly snowing, and you just stand in the hot pool, and there’s all the heat billowing up and you can inhale the chilly air and look at the nearby hills covered in snow. Always a part of the same complex where we go, during wintertimes https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/03/57/c4/18/hotel-terme-petrarca.jpg

      • Oh, it looks lovely! Maybe it is so appealing to me right now because my body is feeling very stressed! I think I’m going to start yoga tomorrow morning. I haven’t done it for quite a while, spending the time on weight lifting instead because it’s supposed to be better for my body. I hope you have a perfectly peaceful and lazy time!

  2. I’m looking forward to Westworld – sounds intriguing! Did you ever see the movie?

    • No, I don’t think so. But my husband got it, so as we already saw the first 2 episodes of Westworld, I think we’ll see the film next.

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