Had a nice weekend, quite busy by my standards – out for lunch with Andrew on Saturday at a very nice restaurant in Soho, and then out with Moose and Cate yesterday, and saw G yesterday evening. Feeling quite cheery at the moment, and more nice things are on the horizon. I also have a spark of inspiration on the writing front, for the first time really since August, so will see where that goes. I’d like to have something to work on in Feb.

Today we have a strategy meeting, which is like an extra trustees’ meeting, the first time this has ever been done. I imagine I will just sit through most of it but am unclear whether I’m expected to take minutes – probably. Oh well, should be interesting.

One thing I am struggling with at the moment is getting up early, though. It gets light at about 7.15 at the moment. Two more weeks of the pedometer challenge and then I will hibernate! 🙂

  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • talk to Z and chief about later
  • strategy meeting
  • food shopping
  • clear up carnage from last night
  • qi gong
  • early night

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 10th October" (3)

  1. The darkness of the mornings does seem to have arrived very suddenly, hasn’t it?! And yay for inspiration! You’re not tempted by NaNoWriMo, then? 😉

    • It has! I’m tempted by Nano but not enough to actually do it. I may try to get more writing done in Nov though, instead of refusing to write a thing until Feb. I assume you’re doing Nano?

      • I’m still ML, so ‘obliged’ to give it a go – but shh, don’t tell: I ‘plan’ to lose! Just way too hellish a year to put myself under all that stress to hit 50K! Instead, I’m going to try my first real editing, of my 2014 effort.

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