calypte 9th October

Struggling a bit at the moment with my energy levels and motivation, so I thought a list of stuff that I’ve managed to do anyway would boost my mood! I’ve had the snuffles for almost 2 weeks now, and it’s really dragging me down. I know it’ll pass, but urgh it makes life so difficult! I’d hoped a day of doing pretty much nothing yesterday would sort me out, but still feeling a bit rubbish today. I am glad, then, that I cancelled all my weekend plans – perhaps the increasing time at work plus still wanting to do all the ‘fun’ stuff wasn’t a great idea when I started feeling poorly!

To make matters worse, my new laptop decided to die last night. I suspect the hard drive has just failed utterly. The support people aren’t open until tomorrow, and I’m just hoping they’ll make it easy on me and just replace the damn thing since it’s so new! In the meantime I’ve been kicking myself for not backing up since I got the new laptop – I’ve admitted to myself that the files are likely totally gone, stupid of me but nothing to be done. It does make me wonder a little at my own ‘need’ for recording everything – I feel like I’ve ‘lost’ 2 months of my life, almost, with all those files missing. Nothing important, really, but still… adds to my current ‘meh’ about feeling out of control, with a fuzzy brain and tendency to forgot and/or lose things. Trying to be nice to myself, but – well, sigh.

Anyway. Despite all this, today has seen a large number of things that had to be done get done:

  • ordered replacement cable for old laptop, as it will have to now do me until I get something sorted with the new one
  • repeat prescription request – I run out on Friday, so kind of essential!
  • sent copy of receipt to Council AGAIN – got an email on Friday apologising for the delay, but they would pay me a sixth share asap. Which I can only assume is confirmation that 1/6th is the way to go – extra spend for me, but should be easier to get more money from the nearer neighbours than deal any further with the barstewards next door. So good really, but damn them for being right (and rude about it!)
  • emailed the landlord of number 2 with this info; still to catch resident neighbours
  • laundry, and hung out – make the most of the rare opportunities these days!
  • made mexican chicken, plus extra for a wrap tomorrow
  • ‘recovered’ as much of my tracking files as I could, from other sources. I’m sure it’s not really important to know what movies I’ve seen, or books I’ve bought/read – but it matters to me! Alas, the actual important one – finance – isn’t going to be so easy. Ack, the gap won’t kill me!
  • wrote/posted review of Miss Peregrine movie (okay, but missed opportunity to be much better!)

So much for my second day of quiet, eh!? I’m resigned to muddling through for the next while, until I finally feel better.

I do know that putting pressure on myself is the worst way to get stuff done – I only managed my Inktober effort last night after deciding I wasn’t going to bother! o_O So, trying to use that as a model: nothing is *actually* essential to do absolutely right now.

Here’s to a better week ahead! o_O


Comments on: "calypte 9th October" (2)

  1. Hope you feel better soon and sounds like you’ve been getting a lot done, considering!

  2. So sorry to hear you’re still under the weather, and how frustrating to have your new computer crap out! I hope things turn for the better this week!

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