T’s 7th Oct.

Sooooo tired!

Plan for tomorrow:

It’s going to be a very complicated day, lots to do at the office, 4 h. lessons, and also have to pack to catch the first train after I finish the lessons to get back to hometown, where there’s a dinner for 12 planned. They are all friends etc., but on a friday evening I’m totally useless, and only would feel the need to recover from the week. Recover= sleep, not getting out. I plan to sleep on the train.


  1. writing time: tackle ESMP or pL
  2. Lesson MPhil
  3. prep. lesson FM
  4. Lesson FM
  5. the KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. pack (books, food etc. for the coming 5 days)&leave [buy the train ticket]
  7. or rather, 6 bis: sleep on the train on my way back

Comments on: "T’s 7th Oct." (2)

  1. Good luck with the sleep. Especially because you enjoy idioms, I hope you catch your second wind and can really enjoy the dinner with friends.

    • ah great, thank you, love it! Yes indeed I love idioms, well, actually, it’s not that I love them, but I always think: what if somebody tells me this and I take it for something that means a completely different thing???? yesterday I learned “cut the cheese” and, although I admit it’s unlikely I come across that IRL, I’d rather know what it means without having to ask the meaning directly LOL!!! The nice thing about idioms, IMO, is that one can really see from which field/activity/occupation they derive. Most of the time they are so vivid representations! Like catching the second wind, does it come from the nautical field, sailing and such? I’d imagine so.

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