T’s 4th Oct

Yesterday evening was spent with my husband celebrating. I deserved it, he deserved it and it felt so good to be reunited again. This morning I’m working in our hometown flat, then I’ll be travelling to worktown, so it’s sort of a split day. I’d like to test this set up to see if it can get a constant of my schedule while I’m lecture (so, till 20th January).

This morning as soon as I sat down I started putting my thoughts down on paper about the last writing project and why it has gone so awry. Many reasons. And now I know how I should have handled it instead. It’s always like this, one learns by doing. I still don’t feel happy with the final product I turned in yesterday, but it has taught me a lot. How I had better pace myself and my energies and acknowledge that my level of interest in something can be very volatile and disappear entirely quite suddenly, how NOT to work with a colleague who is a superior of mine and who has a very different standard for how he works. He was well meaning and everything and we didn’t quarrel, but I would have liked to strangle him so many times. I don’t think he even realized how much his intereferences in what I wrote drove me mad. But I am sure he had to put up with a lot working with me too. My delays. The missed deadlines. Uhm. yes, I wonder how much of it was me being passive aggressive, because I didn’t find a better way to confront him directly. Of course it wasn’t counsciously done. But I know that I could have avoided missing the deadline. I have a feeling I can see it all very clearly now in hindsight. Well, ok, enough with this. Time to move on. What comes next? I’ll have to think about it and plan for the writing projects of this month. So, for today:


  1. make a (simple!) plan for what I’m going to work at in October
  2. have a go at the first draft for PaperLogos
  3. reading time: research into R. Boyle – Bacon list of desiderata and jot down a paragraph for PaperHumanitas
  4. lunch with hubby
  5. work on train (prepare wednesday lectures)
  6. BodyBalance Yay!


Random thoughts (kept here so they don’t interfere):

  • update my cv
  • recover my publications from tenure – process

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