10/4/16 ftf, wren

Things have gotten hectic again.  J has been having a pain in his stomach and finally went to the doctor.  When I got home last night, he’d left a message that he was at the hospital.  It was not an emergency, but he had to get a PET scan.  The doctor thinks it is most likely diverticulitis (which might be a blessing in disguise, as prevention of future occurrences will require that he eat a lot more fruits, vegetables and whole grains) but we won’t have the PET results until today.  Meanwhile, I am having my own visit to the hospital this afternoon for an endometrial ultrasound, which I am not excited about.  So it’s a half day at work today, and I have lots to do.  I’m aiming again to complete five tasks.

Meanwhile, on the seemingly never-ending world of the US presidential election, donald’s campaign seems to be imploding, after the news about him not paying taxes in twenty years, the attorney general’s cease and desist order for his foundation, his attacks on the former Miss Universe, and yesterday’s ignorant comments about veterans with PTSD.  He is taking a nosedive in the polls, and I’m just hoping the trend continues.



happy dog time!


work day


am meeting

Suven DSS

Update PAMS distributions

distribute chartfield to subcontractors

faculty meeting agenda

order supplies

p card reallocation

buy software licenses

make sure payment management system works

pay invoice

figure out how to access new funds

ADP Paperwork

Morris annual report

deal with bank

invoice AZ

invoice  biogen

invoice MK

invoice Lilly

complete first RATS class

start Suven uTRAC

investigate possible classes for PAMS

check on status of space issue

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter

close out 098570

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work


hike with dogs

renew mom’s phone service




Comments on: "10/4/16 ftf, wren" (3)

  1. Oh dear. Best wishes to you both!

  2. Hope both J and your own tests go as well as possible! And yes, delighted to see that Trump seems to be self-combusting 🙂

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