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calypte 31st October

Hell-ooo-oooo! ūüėČ

Finally taking that day off I was talking about, and super glad it’s today as I may have overdone it a bit yesterday hosting the Edinburgh Nanowrimo kick off party! We had about twice as many as expected, which was lovely, but made for much dashing about. A few of the regulars who know me/my year, commented that I looked ‘fair done in’ by the end, and were congratulating me on surviving. Oops!

Today to rest, then tomorrow I’ve committed to hosting the first write-in of the season. I already know I won’t be lugging my laptop around to these, so I’ll have pen and notepad and very low expectations! And be able to focus a bit more on the group rather than my personal goals, I suppose. Not entirely sure what I’m aiming for this November – 50K seems too crazy, but do I pick a lower number for myself? I kind of want to do bits of multiple projects and non-fiction wordage, but that’s maybe making life even more difficult for myself! Ah, we shall just have to see, right?!

On to that ‘restful’ (!) list:


  • meditation/morning pages/stretches
  • order new phone case
  • laundry
  • make soup
  • make pasta bake for tomorrow’s lunch
  • make stir fry
  • email K/S about Nano broadcast email tomorrow (‘houses’, schedule, welcome, etc)
  • text S about next weekend –¬†haven’t seen in her a year or more (eep!) but¬†next few weekends just aren’t do-able
  • tai chi¬†– nope. Too broken! o_O
  • early night!!

would like to:

  • finish (re)reading¬†Do Androids…
  • review Dr Strange
  • finish/schedule Harry August review
  • set up November BuJo
  • set up Nano ‘habits’ on Habitica
  • do one last Inktober – sad not to have really participated much this year, but last day?
  • a little bit of coding – want to get this back into daily practice, yes even in Nanovember!
  • bath

T’s 31st Oct

In hometown now, conference went well, weekend went on bright and sunny and I was in solar mood. Today there’a thick fog outside my 5th floor window, and it feels like one is among the clouds.

And, oh yes, sorry, the earthquake. I was in Padova yesterday morning, sitting at my desk and I felt it, it was quite a violent shake even at that great distance from the point of origin, and what was most impressive was that it lasted and was going on and on and on and it seemed it would never pass. I have perceived many earthquakes in Italy, and all of them were no big deals, because I always happened to be far enough from the center of them, so I wasn’t much scared, but this lasted so long that I had all the time to start thinking at all the casualties it would have caused. Luckily, and amazingly, nobody was killed, because this earthquake has been going on since last August, so most towns had already been evacuated as a precautionary measure, but the damages to the towns are now just horrible, and it is very painful to think of all those families losing¬†their homes and the kind of life they used to live, the amount of desperation this earthquake has caused is immense and I can’t stand the thought of all the children losing their houses, all the old people feeling they lost their world, all the adults not knowing what to do. It’s tough. It makes me angry that all they say in the news is about the churches that were damaged. Sorry, but I don’t give a damn for the churches, no matter whether they date back to the 1300. But¬†those towns, so beautiful, and them being gone, and so many lives of people who were living there being affected in a way that is going to impact all their life and their memories, this is what it is all about. If you want to take a couple minutes tour to one of those towns that don’t exist anymore, to see how beautiful it was before here is Arquata del Tronto, a fortified medieval town:

The worst thing is that minor earthquakes in the area are just a continuum now and I know what that means, because I experienced that a few years ago when the earthquake had stricken (?) near Padova, it makes your nervous system go bonkers, all the time you hold your breath and wonder: is this wave I’m feeling just the beginning of another major quake? Or have I so much lost my mind that I’m imagining it? It’s not life, really. Every 3-5 minutes there are these¬†minor quakes now in the area near Perugia.

Ok, trying to go on with my day. ¬†Today and tomorrow are Bank holidays here, so I will be doing some work but mostly I’ll be doing an assessment of my year and goals till now, and a plan for the next 2 months left

  • See whether there is a possibility to use a Kakebo not to monitor my expenses but to monitor my writing progress. I tend to act on emergencies and am never able to devote enough time to my book, so having a kakebo, where one of the categories is “survival” might prove useful? Besides, I am already monitoring my writing with an excel file, but going analog is usually so much better for me. And I could monitor multiple projects, while with the excel file that is not so handy… as my currency will be time, still have to decide what unit to consider, hours, minutes, quarter of an hour. Or whether to consider number of words/pages as my currency and base for monitoring
  • report about my 2016 goals: what I achieved till now, what I need to work on
  • plan for the next 2 months


  • prep. lessons for this week
  • work emails
  • writing: Paper for Logos journal: draft


  • kettlebell
  • cook healthy lunch

SL’s FTF, Mon 31st October

Had a nice time on Saturday afternoon shopping with my mother and it was good to see my brother and SIL. Yesterday was fairly quiet but that was fine by me as needed to recharge my batteries after that crazy week last week. Hoping this week will be calmer…

  • STLs
  • deal with urgent emails
  • get info to finish off cashflow
  • how to present subco debacle? hide it or make it obvious?
  • finish writing commentary on the accounts
  • management letter response
  • talk to chief about other papers
  • look up pension info
  • catch up on the Apprentice
  • monthly financial review
  • continue reading the Silkworm, am trying to string it out now!

Halloween 2016, wren

 Happy Halloween!  How is Halloween celebrated in the UK and Italy?  In the US, trick or treating is a big thing and so are costume parties.  I really enjoy handing out candy to the cute kids who stop by.

T, I’m hoping that you and your family made it through the latest earthquake without problems.

I’ve spent the last three days in bed with J’s bad cold.¬† If it follows the same course as it did with him, I’ll still be under the weather tomorrow, so I’m getting my list together on Sunday evening in order to save some time on Monday morning.



happy dog time!



work day


unexpected meeting

rebudget STTR

travel receipts

put together report for Dept.

check on ePAR progress

FFS report

check with GC on salary increase for CM


post-conference e-mail to boss

contact OSP about SCI project

late freight p/r


increase GC salary distribution

CM 12/1 salary increase

start on new budget analysis

invoice Lilly

review logos

finalize Morris report

complete first RATS class

start Suven uTRAC

investigate possible classes for PAMS

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter

close out 098570

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work

enjoy the trick or treaters


10/28/16 ftf, wren

We’re back from Las Vegas!¬† The final class on Wednesday was fairly interesting and focused mainly on the natural cycle of projects from start to finish as well as tips for avoiding problems that can occur during the cycle.¬† We were done with the class by noon, and J and I went out for an exceptional anniversary dinner at a restaurant called Paris.¬† We enjoyed excellent service, a beautiful view of the city (including a bird’s eye view of the famous Bellagio fountains, which go off a few times in an hour with synchronized shows), and some very good food.¬† Yesterday was spent driving home, with a stop mid-way for some hiking.¬†

I’m taking today off because in theory I worked on Sunday.¬† Although there’s no sign of snow in sight, it’s the right time of year to get the snow tires on my car, so I’ll do that today, as well as hiking, yoga, strength training, unpacking and reading, plus a phone call to my mom this evening.

SL’s FTF, Fri 28th Oct

Hoping for a nice quiet day today getting the accounts done. Think that was what I said yesterday too ūüôā Then I’m really looking forward to 2 days off from the mayhem. My mother is coming up to London tomorrow for some singing thing, and am meeting her at lunchtime then my brother and SIL are joining us later on, which should be nice.

  • ironing
  • STLs
  • adj to a particular code
  • update everything
  • cashflow forecast
  • grants schedule
  • general funds
  • funding available
  • balance sheet projection
  • progress meeting with C
  • food shopping
  • dinner with G


SL’s FTF, Thurs 27th Oct

Got on top of the backlog of things yesterday and slept much better than the night before. I now have two days in which to get the accounts finished, which includes some complicated stuff, but it should be manageable.

  • STLs
  • cashflow forecast
  • grants schedule
  • general funds schedule
  • funding available schedule
  • get head round how to account for complicated transactions
  • wrap presents
  • watch ¬†The Fall
  • continue reading the Silkworm, which I’m enjoying