calypte 30th September

Phew that was a busy week! Made all the tougher by catching a cold – been okay-ish apart from a sore throat, but reaching the end of the week and running out of energy at the same time! Thinking I might skip planned socialising for tonight, in favour of a hot bath and slump in front of the telly! Although I will then feel guilty for not seeing the lovely people… sigh.

Learning the lesson from last weekend that two days is not enough to tackle as many things as I can come up with! Was delighted with all the cooking, but feel like very little else got done. I’ve pretty much been out since, I think, between tai chi, work meetings in Glasgow, yoga (restorative yoga – it was wonderful!), follow up session and lunch with the WN? course, Shakespeare (Cymbeline – there’s a reason it’s obscure, but glad I was able to take the rare opportunity to see it)… o_O

Glad that next week’s diary is looking much clearer, to be honest! I do think I’m dealing with general stress far better than I was, but with only one week of the course left I’m keen to continue calmly as things ramp up again. Still no word on the roof (and I’m ignoring the snippy “Phone me” email from a letting agent – he can bloomin’ well wait til I have info from the Council; not like he hasn’t kept me waiting for over a month!!), and I’m a little concerned that my PTH investigation has suddenly turned into a biopsy on my thyroid – wait, where did that come from?! Another month to wait to find out, though, so might as well ignore it for now, right? Sigh.

Talking of courses, first of the Art therapy today! Still a bit nervous – what to draw/paint/other?! – but looking forward to it. Hoping to kickstart my creative side more, too, between that and Inktober starting tomorrow, and a want to get some Christmas cards done before November’s mad writing spree! Ah – all things I am choosing, though, so no stress! 🙂

Have good weekends, all!

Reminder list:

  • do something with eggs – muffins for office on Monday?
  • pay cc
  • find vm cc documentation and cancel?
  • book train tix 🙂
  • buy scanner! 🙂
  • try topping up Sbux card via tcb
  • AFoS review
  • baked risotto -> AJJ
  • TIL catch up
  • Inktober!

Comments on: "calypte 30th September" (2)

  1. muffins for office on Monday sound just perfect for a good start of the week!

  2. You have so many nice activities to look forward to. I think that’s awesome! Hope your cold goes away quickly!

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