T’s 27th Sept.

So much to do, but I’m feeling very energetic and (crazily) quite in control, even. Not sure whether it’s an illusion, though. I hope it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, if nothing else. I keep monitoring progress on the different projects steadily, and it makes a big difference.

Also, I’m reading a slim book about how to write books: it is so packed with a lot of great advice that I feel the need to share it, for all the others here who are in the course of writing for extended projects. It’s not about creative writing, in case you wonder, just strictly about how to organize the mechanics of writing for long projects: E. Zerubavel, The Clockwork Muse. A Practical Guide to writing theses, dissertations, and books.

Plan for today (yesterday evening I fell asleep before thinking of planning for today, aehm!), in strictly priority order:

  1. CD (see separate list of tasks: )
  2. PRin Report
  3. prepare materials for first lesson of MPhil tomorrow
  4. prepare materials for first lesson of FilMor tomorrow
  5. GF grocery shopping
  6. read MLS

*** do my best to avoid the department and the colleagues



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