T’s 26th September

Great weekend: I decided to cut the anxiety off, went to see my husband on Saturday and my parents on Sunday. The weather was gorgeous and I can never be upset or depressed for long, when the sun is shining.

Writing this on the commuting back to worktown. It’s the start of a fast&furious week: I’m starting both my courses, for a total of 10 hours teaching every week, without counting in office hours. I have a feeling I’d better  make a weekly plan really, as there are going to be fewer slots for “real work” (aka research). Today is a rather difficult day, with attendance to graduation committee, the appointment at the flat for the work that needs done on the roof. So I’ll use a mixture of Ivy Lee method + the unschedule.

7.30-9.45 am (on the train: reading student’s thesis, CDrev)

2-4 pm: graduation committee

6.30: roof checking app.

7.30: BodyCombat ?

  1. CDrev
  2. list of publications and workshops to FB for PRin
  3. prep. for course FM
  4. prep for course MPhil
  5. paperLogos
  6. BBook






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