calypte 24th September

Ah, weekend! This is my ‘lazy’ couple of days – with a list as long as my arm! But, fun stuff that I want to do, and no pressure 🙂

  • cooking
    • caribbean chicken
    • baked risotto – experiment, and try the home-grown baby leeks 🙂
    • soup – butternut squash and sweet potato
    • breakfast bars (meaning to do this for weeks now!)
  • cards
    • build on the momentum of doing a simple card for E’s birthday?
    • maybe document the process of re-starting on LittleFrogCards, which I registered ages ago?
    • post recipe to AppleJellyJam – time to get that going again, too!
  • organisation
    • need to tidy the spare room, regardless!
    • would *love* to finally do one of the KonMari drawers at last!
    • generally sweep up those tasks that are clogging up the to do lists and mental bandwidth e.g. find cc documentation, etc
    • laundry. Always! 🙂
  • keep up with the September Learning goal – been going well, and enjoying it; would be good to get a little ahead of the busy week, too
  • reviews are backing up! Go go go!!

Phew! And this is my relaxing list?! LOL! Nah, looking forward to it – I do love cooking. It got mentioned at yesterday’s art therapist meeting, after I said I didn’t expect to like my own artwork – but I do like the food I make. Interesting! The meeting went well – she was lovely, we decided that the big thing I want from the course is to be braver, in general – get past that perfectionism stopping me from trying stuff, too. Really looking forward to the course! I got a ‘really looking forward to working with you’, too 😀

Generally, life is feeling super lovely right now. Long may it continue! 🙂


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