T’s 23rd Sept.

Yesterday went quite badly. Not much got done, not much of substance was achieved, and at the end of the day I felt resentful against myself. So resentful that I actually forgot to plan for today. So this morning had to access my inbox (which is always a danger, it’s like a spider, full of poison, and bites) and there was a thorny problem laying there, so had to go look for some documents to try and sort it out, and couldn’t find them so: ARGH! Bad start of a day, bad bad bad!

As for yesterday, of course there were reasons, interferences, colleagues that needed to be listened to, the customary obnoxious useless meeting which I had planned not to attend and it turned out I couldn’t escape it. Then of course there’s also this nightmarish chore of the revisions which I really resent and which I am actively procrastinating about and which the Ivy Lee method didn’t much help to fight and conquer. Enough.

Today is a dangerous day, in its own way, as it is totally unstructured and totally free. So, let’s start from a blank slate. Breath in, breath out.

Back to my emergency strategy: minimalism and monitoring. No goals, nothing. Like having to conquer a mountain top in front of me, there’s only pace after pace and keeping the energy refuelled. And don’t wander after all the nice butterflies that cross my path. Amen to that.

  • CD revisions. You know what you have to do. Start from the end and go backwards. Monitor no. of pp. revised every 20′ and build a table, play to challenge myself. Remember to take regular short breaks. Chocolate to sustain the labour.



Comments on: "T’s 23rd Sept." (3)

  1. Oh dear. Hope you have a better day today! We used to talk on 43T about bite-sized pieces, maybe that would help you get through your revisions. I’m sure the Ivy Lee method works well for some kinds of tasks, but not a long list of little ones.

  2. Go easy on yourself! We can’t all be perfect all the time, and off days will happen. The chocolate and ‘pomodoro technique’ approach sounds ace – and think how good it will feel to have those revisions done!

  3. It’s nice to have different organizational methods for different days. Your minimalist approach sounds just perfect for today. The most important thing always is to be kind to yourself. 🙂

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