calypte 23rd September

I’m thinking this brain-fuzz state I’ve been in for the past week has less to do with sleep (although always could do with more of that!) and more that my schedule’s been so busy (relatively, at any rate!) that my brain is always maintaining a whirring “This next, then that, don’t forget…”. Read this article on cognitive bandwidth that rang a few bells! Well, as the Stress course would put it: you can’t remove all stressors, or avoid bad days – but you can notice how you’re coping with it. Next week’s schedule is even more hectic full of lovely things to do, so good opportunity to see if I can manage it better than this week!

Today is off to a much better start. Well, aside from the waking up at 5am for no good reason! But I took ten minutes or so to do morning pages to calm my brain a bit, and between that and knowing I have two days ‘off’ from fixed plans, I feel tons better about it all! 🙂

‘No plans’ actually translates as a massive list, right enough! I’ll save that for tomorrow 😉

Today’s list is a little shorter:

  • work
  • meet with the Expressive Art course coordinator; course starts next week, she wants to meet us individually ahead of time to find out what the participants want from the sessions. Slightly trepidatious, for no good reason – she’s lovely, it’s a nice course, but that ‘interview’ feeling…! lol!
  • take book and notebook and sit and relax for a bit!
  • shopping collection
  • cinema w/the Friday night gang
  • food after

But next week includes:

  • tai chi
  • yoga
  • day in Glasgow
  • ‘reunion’ lunch with the WN? course ladies 🙂
  • Shakespeare ‘live’ event (oy, the late night!!)
  • LwLS 5 / EA1
  • board games night at ex-colleague’s, with a bunch of them I haven’t seen since before all the hospital stuff this year

o_O Thank goodness for weekends, right?! 😉


Comments on: "calypte 23rd September" (3)

  1. Interesting article. It does help to deal with e-mail at set times of the day only. Otherwise, it’s always popping up and grabbing away my time and attention.

    I’m excited for your expressive arts course and will be interested to hear about it. I bet that you’ll love it!

  2. There are a lot of very nice things in your next week list, Shakespeare live, reunion lunch, so much to look forward to!

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