calypte 21st September

Had a busy but fab day yesterday. I think, maybe, it’s about letting go of control? I mean, I had my list and I stormed through it great, but the best bits were the wait between errands and pizza, where I redeemed a free cuppa offer in the M&S cafe with my book and notebook, and then the meal itself stretching out to almost three hours of gabbing! Not in the plan – and to be honest, would have been more sensible to scratch the plan rather than come home and try writing a coding blog post! Can one plan to have more spontaneity in life?!

Today is a much appreciated day off – I think I’m going to miss these mid-week recuperation days! In that happy space of no real plans, but plenty to be getting on with, amongst a large dollop of relaxation. Full days tomorrow and Friday, mix of work and fun, so taking the opportunity where I can get it. But then, also want to catch up on chores – because I accept that a neat environment makes me happier.

  • Dailies:
    • mediation
    • morning pages
    • stretches/yoga
    • eat mindfully – been a ‘dreadful’ week of lovely, lovely food, but time to scale back a little! 😉
  • de-clutter desk space – hmm, a little bit
  • make birthday card – a really simple, basic one, but still
  • laundry– oy, the laundry o_O
  • mp/sl
  • ooh – Bake Off! I always forget that’s a Wednesday 🙂

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  1. I think we should all have a mid-week day off every week!

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