calypte 20th September

Hmm, wondering if I can keep my lists down to just six things! Knowing me, I’ll just group a pile of tasks under one heading and call that one of my six! 😉

Theme of the moment remains ‘change’. I’m still super excited about the idea of moving house, not that I know what the next step should be! I think I like the idea of selling up first, and renting for a few months while I find the ‘perfect’ place, rather than the stress of finding somewhere and having to sell mine in a panic. Hmm. We’ll see.

More generally, I have this sense that now is a perfect time to re-evaluate life and be very purposeful in what I want to keep, lose, or work to bring in. Perhaps it is just this period of change anyway that makes that all feel a bit closer? For instance, building up to working longer days now, so very much not in a full routine for that yet. Last night was tai chi- only my second class after work – and could so clearly see the need to shift perspective from ‘requiring’ a couple of hours of decompression when I get home at night, to viewing the whole evening – class, shower, early night – as one relaxing block.

That barely scratches the surface of my thinking right now, but there’s a start. And here’s my list:

  • sit in for phone engineer/father – whoever arrives first
  • work
  • bank – cash cheque
  • Paperchase – spend birthday voucher
  • Lakeland – collect order
  • pizza w/’the girls’ 🙂
  • dailies:
    • meditation
    • morning pages
    • stretches/yoga
    • September Learning Challenge (js)
    • Unprocrastination Challenge (actually, having the two dilutes focus, so this has just become about the SLC, really. Worth looking at again, though)

Hmm. Six?! 😉


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  1. I always wonder how people manage to simultaneously buy and sell houses. It never occurred to me to sell first and then rent while looking for just the right place. That’s brilliant!

    • I’m thinking it might lessen the stress – I’ve seen people in a panic over the timing otherwise, either losing the one they want to buy as they can’t offload their current place, or being stuck paying two mortgages. Plus, I think it might be nice to try somewhere different for a while, just renting 🙂

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