T’s 20th Sept.

Thumb is back to normal, so weird! The ice was enough cure for it, apparently.

Today started wonderfully, and got worse and worse. Considering that I’m a morning person, maybe that’s why. Have to plan the really important stuff in the mornings and do the most of the early hours.

I love the idea of following the Ivy Lee method, as suggested by Wren. So just 6 slots, in priority order. But tomorrow is a complicated day, there are going to be a lot of interferences with exams and the workshop, the social dinner even! So I’ll have to choose 6 important but reasonably short goals if I want to hope to achieve something at all.

  1. talk draft: digit outline,
  2. talk draft: reverse outline: draw the skeleton
  3. talk draft: forget the beginning (it doesn’t work, will have to think at alternative) and focus on expanding the middle body instead
  4. draft conclusion
  5. fill the connecting points
  6. rehearse and monitor my timing

Sorry it’s such a boring plan, but, as you will have guessed, this talk is my current no. 1 priority!


*** considering that I won’t have much more than 3 hours free in the all day, I’ll try to see what happens if I do my best not to spend more than 30′ on each point.



Comments on: "T’s 20th Sept." (2)

  1. I’m glad to hear your thumb pain is gone. Two thumbs up for that! 🙂

    I’m interested to hear if you find the Ivy Lee method helpful. It’s amazing that there are so many different structured approaches to time management.

    • Today is a particularly bad day to try the Ivy Lee method out, so I will try and stick to it for a bit and not base my impression on just today. One of the things I look for, in whatever approach to time management, is for it to be simple. The David Allen system, the F. Covey system, I read the books and felt overwhelmed before even starting. Going out and buying 43 folders?!?!? nah, I have enough mess already! And don’t ask me to monitor my use of time for at least a week in 15′ lapses before even starting with the real thing. I want something to put to practice immediately. This is why the Ivy Lee method seems a good idea to me, and the same goes for the Alan Lakein approach. In the past I felt cheated every time I read: make a list of everything you have to do, ok, now cross off 2/3 of the items and focus on what really matters. I thought it was being dishonest, I wanted a system to really make me do everything, it’s called time management after all, not “lessons in delete and delegate”. But as I grew old, I see they were right all the time. Clarity of mind comes only by prioritizing, and rough prioritizing means dissolving the irrelevant into a puff of air breathed out. And the rougher and the more straightforward the purging, the better. 6 is as good a number as any other one digit number, I believe. Lakein talks of having 3 priorities. No more. Simplicity is my new found virtue!

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