T’s 19th Sept

Not such a great weekend, I cut it short and came back to worktown on Saturday afternoon, because the coming week is going to be hectic and I’m running late with a deadline. Then today I must have pulled a muscle /nerve /whatever in my left hand thumb. It’s not clear to me while doing what exactly. Never knew turning book pages can be that dangerous. It hurts and makes actions for which I need both hands quite awkward. I put some ice on it and I’ll see tomorrow how it develops. I can’t possibly have broken a tendon while reading and writing, can I?

Plan for tomorrow:

Stick to the new schedule + monitoring actively no. pages

  • tH: write first thing in the morning for 2 hours
  • CD: see separate to do list
  • examination committee in the afternoon


  • pilates
  • healthy meals
  • pharmacy / doctor for calcium prescription

Comments on: "T’s 19th Sept" (2)

  1. Hope your thumb gets better soon, T.

  2. Do you think you might have some arthritis in your thumb? It can be pretty painful. Whatever the problem, I hope it doesn’t last long.

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