T’s 16th Sept

Up at the crack of dawn, with a BIG black coffee on the terrace, planning for a complicated day, still “sleeping” on the sofa with the tender company of a mosquito, so basically still discomboblulated, the fresh air hopefully will brush up my brain cells…

pack reading material for the travel

pack for the weekend (in separate bags)

@7.53 train to Rome

8-11: work on CD, read RH, draft tH

11-13.30: boring useless meeting with lots of colleagues whose names and faces I can’t remember neither before nor after

14-16: delicious typical Roman lunch with selected few lovely colleagues + recovering from the meeting in the station bookshop

16-19: train Rome-hometown

evening with M., I?, then my parents


Comments on: "T’s 16th Sept" (2)

  1. Oh dear, don’t envy you the mosquito. Enjoy your delicious Roman lunch!

  2. Ugh for the useless meeting! What are the components of a typical Roman lunch? All I can think of is pasta, which shows how little I know.

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