calypte 14th September

Was thoroughly looking forward to spending today in my pjs, but instead have a man from the Council coming out to look at the roof. I think he’s trying to see if anything was done on the ‘other’ (side of the) roof, which to me is irrelevant: it’s either a (single roof, all share the bill) 12- or a 6-way split. But if he can set that Q to rest then I’ll be very happy and can hopefully finally get this sorted for good!!

It’s perhaps not a surprise that after all this nonsense I’ve been thinking about a move…!! I know, I know: like I need that kind of fresh upheaval! But following the initial stressy “argh! I should just move!!” response the idea is sticking, somehow (ooh.. bigger kitchen!) Not likely to be too soon, and I know I need to find a really good new space before I give up what I love about this place, but… this was my first home of my own, and I expected to move after a couple of years – it’s been a decade longer than that now! o_O Plus, I’m earning more than when I bought, so it’d be nice to move to a nicer area, as well as ‘investing’ in property, I guess.

I am a little dubious about how much of this is driven by the more fundamental upheavals of the past year, but change is definitely a topic I’ve been pondering a lot – some having been forced upon me, I’m now chasing the other stuff I want to change! The lesson has to be from the exercise, though: it’s about finding the smallest possible thing you can commit to, and building up, and looking for positive reinforcement to keep the motivation going.

I suppose I could/should do a ‘vision board’ kind of thing for myself, keep me focused on all of this. And keep making the turtle-steps that I can, even if the bigger change still seems miles off!

  • Dailies:
    • meditation
    • morning pages
    • wii-in (been a while! Fingers crossed) – whoot!
    • unprocrastination session (prob the insurance, bleh!)
    • mindful eating
  • Exercise:
    • yoga/stretches
    • possibly a walk to the shops – more for exercise than yogurt! – but slightly weather-dependent as it’s gone icky out there – a little rain and driving wind never hurt anyone, right?! 😉
  • Organise:
    • meet Council bloke – apparently he wants to split the chimney bill either 1/3 or 1/6 – argh!! But out of my hands until he decides, so chill!
      • email roofer for bill breakdown – ??
    • car insurance!!!
    • laundry
    • make dumplings? – a success! 🙂
    • would really love to do some drawer KonMari’ing – been on the list for ages!
    • ‘pack’ bag for tomorrow: baking spud, notebook, etc
  • Learn:
    • September learning goal: writing
    • maybe a bit more of the javascript
    • duolingo
  • Fun:
    • get back in those jammies for a lazy, tv-viewing evening (GBBO!) 🙂
    • long read in bed

Comments on: "calypte 14th September" (2)

  1. I can totally understand why you’re thinking of a move. It seems as if it would be helpful to take some time to envision the surroundings that you’d most like. Maybe it’s not all that far off!

  2. Thinking about a move is exciting! I think I’m going to move next year, I just have to wait for a couple of things to be clarified first. Spending a lot of time surfing Right Move these days 🙂

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