SL’s FTF, Tues 13th Sept

It’s supposed to be super-hot here today – wtf? Bring on autumn immediately, please! I find it particularly hard to know what to wear when it’s baking outside but cold inside due to the aircon. Plus today we have two sets of auditors (joy) so I have to be smart too. Smart + hot = contradiction in terms.

Anyway, qi gong was enjoyable last night and am feeling calmer about the week having got Monday out of the way.

  • STLs
  • auditors set 1
  • LRT annual report – need to review this and turn the bits from the science chap into English
  • auditors set 2 – the last time I’ll have to go through this rigmarole at least
  • would be good to get some checking done…
  • think up an exercise for the interview candidates on Friday
  • deal with electoral register
  • continue watching Unreal, which I’m enjoying
  • continue reading the Cuckoo’s Calling, ditto

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 13th Sept" (4)

  1. Hooray for qi gong! I wish there were a qi gong class available to me.

    Is the term “Indian summer” used in GB? That what we call the hot and sunny week or two in September that follows the first turn toward Autumn (although I’m reluctant to use the term because it sounds racist).

    • Qi gong is great – am very lucky that there’s such a great class so nearby. Is there any tai chi near you which you could do instead?

      Yes, the term Indian Summer is used here too, but I don’t tend to use it myself 🙂

      • I tried a tai chi class at the local gym, but the instructor wasn’t my cup of tea. I have a good friend who has taught qi gong (but he lives in another state). I ought to discuss this with him and see if he has suggestions for how I can get some in my life, maybe with the help of a book or a tape of something. Hmmmm….

  2. Hmm. Maybe that’s the point of Mondays, to get the worst of the week over with? 🙂

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