Moosie Tuesday 13 September

Saw this this morning and thought it might delight a few people here:

(It involves cats,  and the tube.)

Things continue to be fairly bonkers around here. I think right after I wrote that last post, the new man in my life had a stroke. He was very lucky in that it was a very small one  (so small he had it for two weeks before he realised) but it’s still a stroke. He was in hospital for five days up near Wembley and I went up every day to see him (thankfully it was a weekend) – which, three-and-something weeks into knowing him, obviously did little to cool the intensity of what’s been happening between us. 

In the meantime B has been in the Gambia preparing our divorce papers (which can’t go through until October because there are no high court judges available, apparently!) during which time S and I had one lovely long weekend at my place. Now B is back and trying to find a place to move to, but obviously S can’t come round at the moment. I’ve stayed at his a couple of times this past week. Sunday night he had a gig (benefits of dating another musician = twice as many amazing gigs to go to!) and it was my first time seeing him do his thing with one of his bands. Great gigs are often followed by making connections with other musicians and chatting to random people and this is what happened that night, it’s so nice to do that together. We’re not joined at the hip and can both hold our own socially, without getting jealous  (which was apparently a bigreat problem with his ex) and we’re still getting to know each other too so every conversation we’re learning about each other. That was followed by a midnight hunt for ice cream and we eventually fell asleep to Stevie Wonder at around 3. We’re still facing a lot of challenges in the situation around us, how we relate, our relationship baggage, when we’re together it’s really really cute and lovely! He’s got so many defences from the way his previous relationships have ended, and for me admittedly it’s just too soon after B and I come out with some utter nonsense as a result, but we seem to have a concensus that what’s between us is fundamentally solid (and amazing!) and we’re bearing with each other while we find our way through the rest of the crap. 

Tonight Rob and I are launching our CD at a gig in Islington – these are the recordings we worked on over the summer – which feels like a nice celebration of what we’ve been doing so since January. I’m glad we’ve kept that going in amongst everything else and I guess we’ll be trying to get some more gigs and radio play off the back of the album and see if we can get this to go anywhere.  

I’ve got a week and a half off starting Friday, and I’m going to escape to the New Forest for part of that. I definitely need to take a break and have a think about life and the bigger picture as it now looks like it’s shaping up to be. I still don’t feel like I can really make plans and I don’t really need to (especially when life changes so much so quickly!) but between me and all my music, S and all his, work and workouts, there is too much going on to fit into the time. I’ve been going at it pretty hit-and-miss with what feels right on any given day which has mostly been ok but there have been a couple of times when my state of mind has dropped to an unacceptably low level which suggests I’m not hitting the balance quite right. I’m at a stage where I could be gigging/recording every night if I wanted to and obviously that’s not going to work with work and staying healthy and I’ll just have to accept that, same as S and I have to accept that we can’t be together all the time! 

Anyway that’s a waffle and a half! Thanks for listening guys x 


Comments on: "Moosie Tuesday 13 September" (2)

  1. Holy mackerel! Your life really is a whirlwind at the moment. And gosh, that stroke must’ve been scary, Can the doctors explain why it happened and what can be done so it doesn’t happen again? That story about the cat pictures is hilarious!

  2. Thanks for the link to the cat pictures – wish they would do that at Russell Square!

    Hope you have a lovely time in the New Forest, sounds like some thinky time is in order.

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