T’s 12th Sept.

Good Morning girls! So very pleased with my weekend, the weather was gorgeous here, my husband and I went to sunbathe on the beach yesterday. I love the seaside in September, fewer tourists, not so terribly hot, generally quieter, the cuddling rythmic sound of the small waves on the shore, we even had a delicious fish lunch at a quite cheap price. It was blissful, and we both felt we couldn’t afford to miss even the smallest sunshine ray, thinking at the coming winter.

I needed the weekend to relax and refocus, as this is a terribly busy period, a lot of projects and things going on, and just no time for everything. Sometimes I wonder whether I’ll remember to breathe in /breath out. It feels so daunting that each time I start to make a plan I feel as if I were staring a wild monster in the eyeballs. It is so disturbing. And telling myself that it is feels awful, and allowing myself to confront how bad I feel about being so overwhelmed makes things actually a bit easier. I allow myself to admit that I feel overwhelmed, and give myself permission to acknowledge this as a starting point to move on. So now I feel ready to go back (commuting back to worktown as I write this) and start again with a clear head. Trying to put Lakein’s ideas to practice. Starting with the most eminent among my priorities and trying to postpone or delegate everything else.



from 9 to 10 am (commuting time on the train):

  • CD: draft note about Woodward;
  • draft transition paragraph for talk for Humanitas Workshop

@ home, instant unpacking and getting out again


  • pick up book from library on my way to the office

11-11.20: coffee break + plan finetuning


  • CD: @ my office: CD start drafting note about Fontenelle (order Mali @ PhilLibr? check PL in library);
  • CD: @ ULibr + insert references to P and S in Comment section

14-15: Pilates

15:45-17:45 intense session of CD revisions (reduce the number of passages that need work done)


18:15-19:15: intense session of CD revisions (reduce the number of passages that need work done)


  • jot down point for wednesday presentation about Virtue ethics

back home, prepare healthy dinner

phone time+ laundry

quick planning session in writing: what is my highest priority activity right now among all the high priorities? try to get clarity about this, so I can focus my efforts and time allotment

grooming + bed as early as possible




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