9/9/16 ftf, wren

I’m sleepy this morning and would just like a few more hours of shut eye.  This must be why people drink coffee in the mornings.  Too bad I don’t like coffee.  The boss has been in a frenzy this week, and it’s gotten on my nerves.  Today may be more of the same.  I have lots to do, so I hope he’ll find ways to occupy himself that don’t involve me!



happy dog time!


work day


allergy shot

PAMS agreement – UU

prelim for PAMS

p.m. meeting

calculate PAMS distributions

LPO return

follow-up e-mail to research vp

conference agenda

call insurance

contact ADP

deal with bank

read NIH Welcome Wagon Letter

update GC distributions & reduce FTE

Update PAMS distributions

earnings to income report

clinical trials invoicing

start Suven uTRAC


close out 09857

look into Foundation Directory Online

Research P01 grants

after work


phone mom




Comments on: "9/9/16 ftf, wren" (3)

  1. Lakein has a page about how to handle frenzied bosses. I just glanced at it , as it’s a problem I don’t have, but he gives a bunch of suggestions. one that I remember is to defer them to somebody else and not be too available. Trying to cure bosses from the misconception that you are there for them. LOL. Maybe it isn’t applicable to your case.

  2. I don’t think coffee works as much as people think/wish it did!

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