T’s 8th September

Good morning everybody! I’m up at the crack of dawn, writing this out on the terrace facing the direction where the sun (should? has?) come up, towards Venice roughly, with a piping hot instant coffee on my table, beside my pc… life is good, I love to have  breakfast on the terrace in the mornings.

I am in love with Alan Lakein. Totally so, I’ve never read anything in the self-help sector that was more intellegently, wittingly and charmingly written. His book is so very old (1973) and so much has changed that I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but it was a true surprise. He speaks to me, he speaks to me in the right way, focusing more on being in control of time, rather than talking of willpower, he treats deep issues with a light nonchalant aplomb, and I totally adore him! Some of my fascination is probably due to the aspects that make a “vintage” self help book, I suspect (the talks of “turning on the typewriter”!!!), but I find in his book the root of many techniques that have been later divulged in verbose, unreadable  tomes. For Calypte, who doesn’t disdain pirate copies, here is the link, in case another time management and priority setting reading is in order 😉

There is not much of a plan today, basically I have to put my time into revising a co-authored book. It’s a pretty dreadful work, and I have to stick to it for as long as I can today. I plan to pace myself and take breaks, steadily monitoring my progress to keep me going on. I aim to get finished with the revisions by tomorrow evening, or at worst by Saturday lunchtime. But I am notoriously terrible at foreseeing how long tasks take, especially one such as this, which I have never done before in this form.

On to today:

CD revision:

  • print out my colleague’s file
  • revise  comment section from p. 19 onwards
  • checkings at the library
  • transfer revisions on the digital file

@ 3pm: funeral for colleague’s husband who unexpectedly died on sunday aged 38, a total tragedy

@ 6:30 bodybalance


(if time allows, in the evening, look for bibliography to answer email)

go on reading AL

email Goran

email booking tickets for Rome

beauty routine

in bed by 10,30pm



Comments on: "T’s 8th September" (2)

  1. Jealous of you having breakfast on your terrace, sounds lovely 🙂 The time management book sounds great too, will check it out.

  2. Thanks for that – sadly my ISP has decided to block me looking at such sites, but I always had a vague guilt over it all anyway 😉 And agree with SL – your brief descriptions always conjure up the most marvellous and lovely images! 🙂

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