SL’s FTF, Thurs 8th Sept

Another busy day yesterday doing stuff for chief – we have a strategy day in October which I’d assumed we’d be planning for at the end of Sept, but our chairman (who gets far more excited about this stuff than the other trustees) is apparently coming in on Monday so we’ve ended up writing about 5 papers in the last three days. Anyway, chief’s not in today or tomorrow so perhaps I can now get back to what I was planning to do this week! It’s R’s last day today too, end of an era – she was my boss when I first started, argh!

Enjoyed the wine tasting last night, it was good to see ACC and J and we also talked a bit to the enthusiastic young people who set up the wine bar where it was held. I hope it works out for them.

  • STLs
  • look up stuff for Christian
  • changes to accounts
  • make a start on bank rec
  • food shopping ahead of Saturday
  • catch up on home admin
  • continue reading the Cuckoo’s Calling, which I’m enjoying
  • early night

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